Plugin Delay Compensation

I recently got SplineEQ VST plugin and the delays with this plugin can sometimes be quite large this isn’t really a problem as the PDC compensates for this. Does Renoise not save the PDC info because when I save the song and load it later on the first play the PDC isn’t compensating. It will compensate on the second play. Also I have tracks muted and unmuted throughout the track so I would need to play the whole track before all the PDC’s would work.

Hmmm I’m not really sure, but am curious to know this as well. I’ve been testing PDC on alot of DAWs lately, since this is something I really obsess over. Renoise so far has the best PDC of anything I’ve tried, Ableton has by far the worst.

I have a question about this, can someone help me out?
When i use a convolution reverb send in my project i get some trouble when sending vst stuff to it.
The dry sound doesn’t need compensation for de convolution reverb, but het wet sound in the send track does.
What happend is, the dry sound goes out of sync.
What can be done about this? Or am I doing something wrong?

Try and change the Static buffering option for the plugin. (Click the question mark on the upper right corner of the plugin its Renoise DSP frame in the DSP area.)
In some occasion the buffering method is interfering or can be interfering with the PDC.

Thanks will try that!

hello !
first, sorry for my bad english, i’m french :)

My question : how to control the PDC ?


This is the only option in the preferences (center frame):

It is either everything on or everything off.