Plugin Editor Window Position In Second Monitor

Is there a way to have the plugin external editor window stay in the same position the next time you launch Renoise if you use a dual monitor setup? I like to have the plugin windows on my second monitor and it’s annoying to have to move them every time I launch Renoise.

What platform actually?

Usually an application has a few options to scan the desktop for multiple monitors and then asks for the primary monitor setup.
If this one exists, dialogs are popped up on the primary monitor first.

It may be possible to store desktop positioning info, but in cases that your secondary monitor fails, this can result in plugin frames popping up outside your visual scope (not being able to get them in sight) or causing an error or a crash so most applications avoid storing and using this kind of info for security matters.

I’m on OS X. Ableton Live does remember plugin editor window position even for second monitors. You still have to open them each time like renoise (I guess for security reasons) but the position is remembered.