Plugin effect window opens behind detached Mixer window (v3.2)

Hello fellow Renoise users,

since version 3.2 the VST plugin TDR Nova (and others by TDR) open behind the detached Mixer window when clicking the ‘Ext. Editor’ button in the device chain.

But they open in front (as expected) when double clicking the accociated device button in the Mixer / track column.

At first glance it seems that the plugin window is not getting focused correctly.

Tested on Windows 10, single and multi-monitor setup.
Plugin GUIs tested in OpenGL and Software rendering Mode.

Thanks in advance!


This occurs a lot for me, any contributions to this would be great, it needs to stay at the back or an allocated shortcut to switch to solve.

Did you solve this personally?

No, unfortunately not.

This seems like a really pointless blunder for a feature that is amazing otherwise. I tried using Deskpins but of course that just keeps windows on top. I’m sure if a workaround was needed it would be in making plugin windows ‘always on top’ but I’ll be honest… That is not where my specialties lie. I am chipping away every so often, if I solve this I’ll come here.

I’ll add to this issue that Sample Recorder window also gets behind the focused Mixer, which is very annoying.

Ineed. Is there a way to solve this outside of asking the renoise team I wonder? a wuick fix and tbh I’d be all for it.

I can’t replicate this here. Could you let me know how exactly this can be replicated on your side? Are you using multiple monitors or just a single one with the mixer overlapping the main window? How do you open the sample recorder?

I think this is a normal behavior. You mean this, right?

yep exactly.
when using multiple monitors I often want to move sample recorder out of the way to second monitor, where detached mixer is. without closing it cuz Im recording and editing… but if I want to tweak something on mixer… well that what happens.
same for large and heavy plugin windows which I dont want to reopen every time cuz it takes long and even may crash renoise =\ (hello modo drums…)

having an option to keep needed window always on top may be a big improvement for folks using multiple monitors, including me)

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