Plugin Grabber, but for Hardware Synths

Can we have the Plugin Grabber updated to also work with external hardware synths? Just any midi instrument with a line in device in the Plugin Grabber source list and use the instrument settings for latency. This would drastically decrease productivity killers of needing to manually record and edit a ton of samples just to do the same thing the Plugin Grabber does for Plugins.

I know this has been brought up before and there’s a few programs that people recommend. But, again, it’s a workflow misery to stop what I’m doing to close out of Renoise, load up some other software to do something that Renoise already does, but just for plugins.

I love using Renoise and I’d rather not have to interrupt flow to stop what I’m doing to dive into some other software, make sure everything is setup there correctly and then import stuff back in to Renoise. I just want to stay in the one program I’m actually productive in.