Plugin Grabber Observations

Just trying out the render plugin to instrument on some of my CPU eating instruments and it works very well. A couple of things I’ve noticed:

  • It sets the sample properties NNA as cut for each sample. For most instruments I would imagine this would be manually changed afterwards to Noteoff. Maybe this could be added to an option in the render dialog?

  • The Auto Loop crossfading works well if you make the samples long enough but when the sample starts playing the looped section there is a noticeable drop in volume. I saw this is mentioned about the crossfading in the help file but is there something that can be done to improve it.

It most certainly should. I hate changing NNA setting for each and every sample in an instrument (there’s still no way to do this for the entire instrument, right?).

Not yet, but guaranteed in 2.6

Seriously you guys are on fire
This is like Reaper style updates man :panic:


they’re ‘gods’ in my eyes :)