Plugin-Grabber Problem + Instrument Creation Question

First of all: I’ve been having trouble grabbing my VST’s. I’d like one sample per key for the best playback results, but even when leaving the step parameter at ‘1’, it seems it won’t sample as I wish. Samples are stretched out and sped up.

Also: is it possible to mix two instruments?

Do you use a different sample playrate in your plugin than Renoise is set to? (e.g. Renoise is set to 48Khz while the VST only supports 44Khz)
That might be the culprit. You can mix two instruments, but not with the plugin grabber unfortunately. (The old Render to sample should do the job here)

Thanks, I’ll have a look into that when I get home.
Regarding mixing instruments, what I’m after is taking one instrument (with all its samples) and pasting it into another. How do I go about doing this?
Thanks again.

You can copy the sample in one instrument and select the other sample in the other instrument then, right-click and select “Mix paste” .
There is currently no way to do this for multiple samples at the same time though.
Be sure to check the “Undo” box first on the lower-left of the sample editor window, else you can’t undo the change. (perhaps save your song in advance before doing sample destructive actions)

Even with a step of 1, you have to make sure that you’re capturing the full note range you’re going to use.
Capturing all from C-4 to C-5 with a step of 1, will not capture C-3’s.

If you want to freeze a plugin for a specific song, render all notes that are used there, use the “Set From Song” button which will set the range automatically.

Thanks guys. I would like to suggest that you consider implementing a “mix instrument” feature that automatically copies and pastes all the samples in an instrument onto those in another. This, I think, would be very timesaving and open for a lot more creative experimentation.

Also; how about sampling the various notes at several velocities? I have the Emulator X2 sampler which is excellent at this exact operation.
Plus: add the ability to sample hardware synths in this manner as well. A great tool for those in need of preserving patches from (especially) old synths.