Plugin Grabber (Render to Samples) duration


On my windows setup, the plugin grabber when using “Set (lines)”, it always defaults to 1ms off of a whole round number. Example, based on the default 4 lines, if I click set, it will be 499ms. On my linux setups, it would be 500ms. 16 lines sets it to 1999ms. I can’t seem to figure out why this is different on my other rigs. Regardless of various settings, the result is the same. What causes this? Is this how it is supposed to work? Have I messed something up in the settings?

This isn’t so much a “problem”, I just really want to understand why this works the way it does.

Speculation: Maybe differences in internal math library ‘rounding’ between the two OS’s during calculation. Kinda similar to this (only this is when rendering out the samples between Linux and Windows) Lua Rendering results in dB drop?


I’m curious what the defaults are for others.

Some further experimenting:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
Project= 120BPM 4LPB

1 Line = 124ms
2 Line = 249ms
3 Line = 374ms
4 Line = 499ms
5 Line = 624ms
6 Line = 749ms
7 Line = 874ms
8 Line = 999ms

Linux (Q4OS) 64Bit 4.9.0-9-rt-amd64

1 line = 125
2 line = 250
3 line = 375
4 line = 500
5 line = 625
6 line = 750
7 line = 875
8 line = 1000

Interesting stuff. Seems like it is rounding.

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