Plugin Grabber Round Robin Option

Would love to see a Round Robin option along with the keymapping and velocity layers. Decent round robin instruments sound a lot more alive on sources that fluctuate - physical models, virtual analog and the like.



good idea

playing sample with a minimal fluctuation of pitch,adsr,filter…

you can make it with random LFO,but natively could be a very good thing

Lighter FX chain

With a good usable architecture,could also been done on VSTi,VST

A new device

random hydra

I was talking specifically about an pption in the Plugin grabber function - but yeah I hear you.

Your request can be done to some degree using the Stepper modulation device (with the step interval set to Random) or keytrackers/lfos/macros. Can be a bit fiddly but itvis doable…

random hydra.xrdp (11.3 KB)

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Haha i might have known youd have something ready baked for that.

Just discovered Chickensys Translator can do round robin autosampling so thinking there might be a way to get some xrnis out of that if it the old EXS import tools play nice…

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