Plugin Grabber with SampleTank - Blank Area in Samples

I tried this with 3.3.2 and 3.4.2. Mac 10.14.6
I haven’t gotten this bug with another plugin, but I haven’t used this feature much. With the few I’ve tested tho this doesn’t happen except with SampleTank.
I load a new blank song, and the SampleTank 4 ( or 3 ) AU or VST. Load a preset in the AU or VST, have tried many sounds, drums pianos etc, it does it with all.
I use the plugin grabber to get a few notes

There is a blank area at approx 163 samples in, lasting for approx 254 in every single sample that is grabbed. So unfortunately this feature is unusable with this plugin.

Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 1.50.50 AM

These blank areas do not happen if I, for example, play the notes as a pattern and then render. If anyone else has SampleTank on mac or windows and they could test to make sure its not just me that would be great, but I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything right and computer is working fine, licenses valid.

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The real problem was “Use Static Processing Buffers” in the plugin settings. Turn off to fix. I found out this is related to the latency setting in the Renoise audio preferences. If I set this to 10ms at 44.1 and 9ms at 48khz it works perfectly. Just about any other value latency, higher or lower, will introduce blank audio either immediately in the start or delayed in the sample. So, at least I have a fix! Maybe there is a better fix.

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