Plugin Grabber's copyright infringement possibility

Hello! I found out that the Plugin Grabber in Renoise is great to render sounds from VST to samples which makes me easier to use those instruments and even get access to MIDI Polyphonic expression. But I have one problem here, the VST’s copyright. Some time, I thought of rendering a Kontakt or Spitfire orchestral library to samples and share the sampled-based instruments with anybody but I’m so worried to do that because I might get involved with the copyright infringement.

You should not do that. Plugin Grabber is a great thing. If you sample these instruments, use it for youself, dont send it to the public.

Just to draw an analogy here, if I record copyright music with a tape recorder off the radio and distribute it, that does not make the tape recorder illegal – it is my act of distributing the recording that is breaking copyright.

Exactly. Please do not demonize the plugin grabber😁


Really do not do this. This is not the point of plugin grabber, and it definitely would be a violation of copyright

Edit = just to confirm, “you can violate the copyright of any sample based instrument with any DAW. You don’t need plugin grabber to thief sample libraries and re-sample them.”

The idea is just bad in general, and you don’t need to involve Renoise.

I have no legal background. This post is not a legal advice or legal information of any sort.

Best thing you can do at this point is to show your good faith and check with the creator of the VST or the sample library.

As far sampling instruments from a VST, my understanding (which might be wrong) is:
-if you are talking about VST presets that you did not create - you will not be the owner and cannot distribute
-if you are talking about VST presets that you did create - most likely you can sample and distribute those samples though check with the VST creator to make sure.
The logic here (at least in my mind) is that the VST plugin that you have the license for is a software tool used to create sound and you are using it accordingly as long as the sounds created are your original work. Though my understanding here could be flawed mainly since I cannot know what the creator or each different VST understands to fall within the VST usage license they have provided to you.

Again, please check with the creator of the VST (from which you wish to grab samples). They will be best placed to answer your concerns.