Plugin just works on every second kick drum

I dont if its a bug or not but when I put a distortion on a track with a kick drum its just works on every second kick drum. Its just like BOOM, boom, BOOM, boom. Very strange. Its just work on all kick drums right?

If you are using different kick drum samples,
they each sound different (after distortion).

You can only use one track (and effect lane) per instrument.
Make a duplicate of the instrument if you plan to use it on multiple tracks.

instrument right click menu

also look at the Velocity / Volume column of each kick drum

if the synthesizer you use produces different kick drums, try resampling them.
(menu File… Record new sample…)
or (registered Renoise only: select pattern, right-click, Selection → Render to sample…)

more info on enabling the Audio Mix Sum on your computer:


I’m not OP, I just thought I would say how nice it is to see somebody make a real effort to help somebody learn. Kudos.