[Plugin Limitation] Windows: 2Nd Bridged Youwashock Vst Instance Fails

In a new song in Renoise x64 add an instance of YouWaShock, then add another one and the plugin server crashes with runtime error 217. Tried to set various plugin options but didn’t help.


Error 217 seems to be some strange Delphi runtime error that happens in the plugin and not in Renoise: http://www.delphifaq.com/faq/f84.shtml

Actually the very same thing happens when trying to load YouWaShock in two instances of Renoise (or Renoise and some other application), so the plugin supports loading the DLL in one executable at once only - for whatever reason.

Unfortunately nothing we can “fix”. The plugin is no longer updated, so it also won’t help to contact the authors of the plugin I guess?

The chance of seeing an update is pretty much not existant but i will try to mail them. In the 32bit version of Renoise i was able to use this plugin just fine with multiple instances and in the 64bit version of Reaper it runs bridged fine too, so i have thought it might be something with the plugin server. Don’t really know what else to try besides reporting then.

Reaper has two modes to bridge plugins: using “one plugin server” only or “one per plugin instance”. It will fail to load it with the “one per plugin instance” mode too, which is the only mode that Renoise offers at the moment.

Well… you could get Imageline’s Maximus. Youwashok actually is Maximus under the hood.