Plugin Panel

I have been playing around with the new xml note formatting and completely love this new feature. I would like a new panel in renoise that would render html/javascript or something like that. When the user selects notes they would be passed into the html panel so that I could modify the xml and paste them back into the pattern.

kind of like except built into renoise.

If i wanted a beatslicer that would automatically put 0FXX commands into the pattern based on tempo and pattern length and sample length i could do that.

If i wanted to create my own arpeggiator in javascript I could do that.

If i wanted to write my own search and replace functions I could do that.

It would be really cool to have a panel that has access to the renoise song DOM.

I think that many of renoise’s users are geeky enough to be able to write plugins and this would give many users the ability to write their own features rather than having to wait for the core developers to write them.

You know you can cut and paste to and from a text editor, right?

Select some notes (or anything for that matter) and paste into your text editor, the reverse works too.

If you are on windows have a look at XRNS-SF gui=clipboard. If you’re not a PHP person, the principal is still the same for any language. The same principal applies in an even more automatic fashion to The Renoise Phrase Generator.

My bad, too many coffees, you probably already knew this as you used subset’s Renoise Track Generator.

Still, not much stopping you from writing plug-ins now though?

Yes, I know you can copy and paste the clipboard back and forth between the different applications. It would be nice to be able to do this right in the application. If the html page had access to the full song dom. You could create any kind of feature you want without having to bother the devs. If other people wanted the feature they could choose to download it or not.

Perhaps you are the only person who wants a feature. You could create it just for yourself and be able to use it right in the renoise editor.


Taktik proposed something here:

I would need PHP5 support as I would not write scripts in JS. Others would need their own languages (Python, Perl, Ruby, Etc.) supported. I vote no on a XTHML/JS implementation, yes on a generic implementation. You could use Rhino Shell ?

I only said html/javascript because they wouldn’t need to do much to add it. Just invoke an instance of the default browser inside the panel and use its rendering and javascript interpreter. This might take very little time or effort. There are a ton of people who can write javascript. I have never heard of Rhino. It may be much much better but I would have to learn it just to make plugins for renoise.

Maybe there is another really easy or good way to build this.

*Edit I should have read the other links first. Rhino is a Javascript implementation.
this idea of internal scripting is fully discussed under: