Plugin Parameters not saving

Hey folks

I’m using this compression plugin called Sausage Fattener, wich has 3 knobs. Fatness, Color, and Gain. Very easy to use.

However, everytime I open my project after saving it, all the parameters of this specific plugin are back to initial (0). Sometimes, one of many tracks with this plugin will keep its parameters, for no reason.

Any idea how to fix this?

Windows, Linux or Mac?
32-bit or 64-bit and is the plugin 32-/64 bit and is the plugin bridged? If so have you tried using the plugin in its designated Native version of Renoise?, does this take care parameters are saved?

Windows, 32bit. I have no idea if the plugin is 32 or 64 bit. How do I know that?

The plugin will show an “->” arrow icon next to the name if it is bridged. If it doesn’t, the plugin has the same bit-size compilation as Renoise.
Though, i’m not sure if a 64-bit plugin will run flawlessly on a 32-bit Windows. I doubt Sausage fattner has a 64-bit edition though.

Hmm… Then I guess this isnt the problem. Check it out :

And here’s the plugin details if that can help

Well, in the first post you declare the plugin sometimes does accept parameters, it might be that the plugin requires a longer delay between initialization and being able to receive parameters, so it might be that in these rare cases, Renoise somehow needs more time to have all this data ready before it can parametrize all plugins.
So a thing i would personally try in that case is saving the current parameters into a preset and simply reload that preset to see if the plugin swallows it then.