Plugin settings won't stay with Melodyne Editor v2

Updated to Melodyne Editor v2, which finally works properly with Renoise.

Unfortunately default compatibility options are wrong and cause Renoise to crash and for some reason they are not saved.
I guess older version has been one of the plugins with hardcoded setting for static buffers.

So, if it isn’t hardcoded then any ideas why it isn’t saved? Tried couple of plugins and no problem saving those.

If it has hardcoded any way to force the hardcoded defaults off?
with some dirty xml tricks or something)

If you change the static buffering for the plugin, unload the plugin and reload the plugin don’t they stay? Or does the plugin crashes when you toggle the “need static buffering” box?

Else you can use an SQLite db browser and alter the CachedVSTs_x##.db file (whichever bitversion your plugin is) in the C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\Vx.x.x folder and tweak that db value for that plugin.

No, they don’t stay. The crashing isn’t caused by changing the static buffering setting, but the plugin will crash when using it’s Transfer function, which works ok when static buffering is off.

I’ll try the SQLite db browser later today, I’m pretty sure it will help.

I’m kind of surprised Melodyne has forced settings, since the previous version didn’t work well with any settings. If I remember right it crashed with some settings and was unusable with other and only way to make it work was disabling Renoises automatic pdc,when using Transfer.

Tried SQLite db browser with no success. I changed NeedStaticProcessingBuffers to 0 and even after that static processing buffers is turned on every time I add that plugin. Tried plugin rescan and now the value is back to 1 in sql database too…

If you rescan, the default settings are restored for the known plugins yes.
I don’t understand, you should be able to override the setting by changing it.
In the most awkward case you would have to change the setting, close the plugin and close Renoise to have the changes saved and then reload everything, but it should work.

Doesn’t seem to work either.

Anyway. Seems I just have to remember clicking the checkbox for now, but would be great to have this fixed in next version.

I’m really against having hardcoded compatibility settings since plugins change and I for example haven’t noticed any glitching with NI plugins when static buffers are off and they also have this setting forced on.