Plugin: Sliding notes using a synth plugin VSTi

I have been using Renoise preferentially for over a decade but this has always eludied me.

Is there any way I can get a note to slide to using a synth? It seems to be made really difficult, whereas in other programs its a “slide to” in the piano roll (what is the effect command? Is there one?) Is it really obvious?

I’ve put this in beginner’s questions because probably, I’ve missed it from the beginning.

G to G# - G3 to G4 - how do I just get it to slide? Plugin mode - not as a sample.

Just set the synth’s portamento value and overlap the notes accordingly. Don’t end the first note until the second note has triggered AND glided to the new note. With D16 Group’s Phoscyon 2 you can do glides this way, it is explicitly how to do it if you don’t use the internal sequencer. You might need to spend some time tuning the timings of notes but portamento is your friend, especially if it can be tempo synced. Hope that helps.

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There are several options.

method A

  1. Create a second note column within the track you want your instrument to slide notes
  2. Put the first note in the first note column and the target note in the second note column
  3. If necessary adjust your portamento settings within your VSTi

method B

  1. Add “Instr. MIDI control” to the track devices of the desired track
  2. In “Instr. MIDI control” select the instrument you want to slide notes
  3. Create automation for “Pitchbend” of “Instr. MIDI control”
  4. Don’t forget to readjust Pitchbend back to 0% at target note position

method C

  1. Use the MIDI commands in terms of Pitchbend
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Method A is the easiest. Use this alot.

I use this method generally but it means there’s no reliable way to start the note sliding at the start of a pattern the first note has to be played, then subsequent notes in a second column. The result is a slight delay in the bend. I guess I can automate a post pitch DSP or slide on tne starting note. Guess that’s the way. Let me know if you have further thoughts.

It has never been different, no matter which tracker. The first note always has to be played, because it’s your “root note”. If you don’t like method A, use method B instead. This way you can let the slide start at position 0 respectively the start of a pattern easier. I’m pretty sure there is no other way than these 3 methods.

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