Plugin Wakes On Window Click - Bummer.

Really bummed that in v2.8b suspended plugins wake when their window is clicked. Or rather, that the user has no choice to stick with the old functionality. It ruins my whole game, actually. Can’t move a plugin window around without waking it up? Suggesting a choice in the Plugin preferences, unless it’s there and I’m just blind :).

Some cool improvements otherwise. Will be sticking with 2.7 for now, though.

We’d be curious to know why exactly?

For myself, when recording or performing, it is typical to have two or three instances of, say, a soft-synth going, and to have the need to keep their windows open and ready, but not necessarily awake. If I need to move that window around to get to the Renoise interface, or position it for a particular use, now I have no choice but to wake that plugin up, at whatever clock position.

Cool function in certain situations, but to have no choice is a bummer.

So if I understand you correctly, the problem is that certain plugins will immediately begin producing sound at inappropriate times when woken up, despite the fact that they had previously been auto-suspended (presumably due to inactivity)?

Could you list a few plugins where this is problematic? Even better, could you provide a small demo song where this behaviour can easily be reproduced?

There’s always room for fine-tuning things, but we do need to know exactly what we’re dealing with first. Need to find out if this is truly something that the new auto-waking behaviour has completely broken, or whether it’s possible to tweak some setting in the plugin to avoid it, etc.

Any extra info you could provide would be great :)

Cool - I will try to whip up either a song or video to show you what I mean. I think for live playing is where it would be important.

What I’m really saying is that I’m using always a synth live (I use Madrona Labs’ Aalto), and need to have its windows around and ready, but suspended until their part in the song comes up. I can see it wouldn’t matter if you are using a plug that is not clock-dependent, but in this case it’s my whole game. The thing is that in 2.8 you can’t instantiate a plugin instrument from the instrument menu and then move the window into a position you want before choosing to wake it. I honestly can’t think of a reason anyone wanted it this (new) way, since a plugin’s window position on the screen has nothing to do with its suspension state necessarily.

If not a choice in the plugin preferences, perhaps adding an “auto-wake” button you could toggle under the “auto-suspend” button in the plugin control window.

Another thought I had: would be cool to add the ability to suspend an individual plugin without having to stop the clock, suspend all audio, etc.

Demo soon; I’m slow so have mercy :).

Hey Man -
I owe you an apology. Just got back from holiday and read what I posted a couple weeks ago…

Didn’t mean to whine/complain (especially for my first post on the forum); whatever mood I was in at the time, I’m sorry and I will think a little bit next time before I hit the “post” button. :) You may not have taken it this way but I wanted to try and be a little less rude.

As for “ruining” anything - I take it back (it was a dumb thing to say). I’ve thought a bit about workflow since that post and realized there are any number of ways to deal with certain UI changes. I would still love to see more control here or this new feature changed, but I’m honestly pretty happy with 2.8 either way. I’m disorganized from vacation but will try to send you that example when I get it back together.

Happy new year to you!