Plugin windows disappear when using multiple monitors

I’ve just set up a second monitor on my laptop and I’ve noticed that when using some plugins on the other screen, the window position moves up and to the right every time I close and reopen it. It doesn’t take long for the title bar, and eventually the entire plugin window to be inaccessable off screen. The window position is also saved with the song, and I don’t know how to reset it without manually editing the XML inside the XRNS file.

This only seems to happen when I have “'Auto-scale external editor on HiDPI screens” unchecked. With auto-scale enabled, the windows stay where I place them, whether on the primary or secondary display. I have to disable this on a lot of plugins, though (Arturia and Kontakt stuff mostly), or else the GUI will glitch.

Edit: Moved to support/bugs.

Also, I’m using Windows 10, and the 2 screens are both 1920x1080, but scaled differently. Laptop screen is 150% and other screen is 100%