Plugins not displaying properly

Everytime I open a plugin the screen does not display properly as shown in pic. Whilst the plugin work, the cursor is not in the correct place. It happens every plugin I use. I have previously managed to fix it so that it displays properly and the mouse cursor is in the correct position on the screen but I can’t remember how i’ve done it - although it’s something simple like closing the screen and re-opening. ANy ideas? thanks


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This is also happening for me for many plugins. I’m not sure if it’s plugin-specific, but it doesn’t happen on all of my plugins, though many and not always.

I have not yet found a workaround, and it is definitely a breaking change, sadly.

It’s a bit annoying alright.

As I said I did manage a way that seemed to fix it, at least on some. But I can’t remember what I did :smirk:

Do you happen to use Windows 10 with UI scaling?

If so, try to set your scaling to 100% for both screens and restart Renoise to see if it has any effect.

Top man! Thanks that worked!

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