Plugins on Debian Linux not loading

I have a bunch of plugins that I was using before on a different distro that did work on that. I’ve since changed to Debian, and installed all the plugins, but now a bunch of them either do not show up at all, or they have errors loading. And when I test these plugins in Bitwig, most of the show up, and all the ones that showed up work.

I’m not sure what the error here is, wondering if anyone can help, thanks.

Also whenever I’m opening my old projects, the BPM is getting randomly changed…

Are you using 64 bit Renoise and 64 plugins? Which type of plugins? Do you see some messages when starting Renoise from the terminal?

I am using 64-bit Renoise, and as far as I know all the plugins I downloaded are 64-bit as well.
VSTs and a few LADSPA ones. And I do see some messages when trying to load it, shown below:


Hmmm… I would try deleting Luftikus (temporarily) and test again if anything changes.


My guess is that is a LV2 plugin. Its parent folder is called “Luftikus.lv2”. Renoise does not support LV2 plugs, but I guess you already knew that…

The hose other ‘xhip’ plugins are instantiating correctly (shown earlier in the log)

Thank you for pointing that out! Turns out that the LV2 folders were in the same folder as the VST ones, and it was reading those instead of the VSTs fsr.

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