Plugins With Renoise-like Envelopes

Any out there?

I really like the drawable envelopes (especially for pitch) but don’t know of anything comparable in vstland.

I don’t understand? You can use Renoise’s graphical envelopes to control your VSTs via MIDI CC.

I mean on-sample-trigger envelopes (like ADSR, although renoise’s are far more flexible than that), as opposed to automation envelopes.

I meant like Renoise’s envelopes, which you can draw, on that second tab (not the automation, and not an ADSR). Most ADSRs are a series of straight lines and quite limited by comparison.

Hopefully that makes sense. :)

There are plenty…

off the top of my head: FM7, Absynth, Sytrus and rhino.


Cool, thanks…any samplers?