Png Icons For Renoise

This could look bad in IE, but for you Firefoxers, enjoy!

Some icons for yas:

And a bonus one:


nice, thanks

maybe it can be added in the next version…

about the latest one: wouldn’t it be better if the backgrund would be a track column with some note and command data inside?

Ah… perhaps I should’ve labelled that icon. (The one with the speaker, right?)

It’s for Adobe Audition, I often use it alongside Renoise. Couldn’t find a 128x128 PNG icon for Audition anywhere so here we are.

Just for those who mightn’t know — 128x128 PNG’s are used by applications like YzDock and Stardock’s ObjectDock, which emulate the OSX Dockbar.


they are nice… and about the bonus icon… isnt it from Adobe Audition? =)

It is Adobe Audition :)

That sexy, sexy program.

Thanks for the icons Marty! Can we use them in official Renoise distributions?

Those look lovely! I´ve been looking for a set of fancy renoise icons for ages. Thank you!

Taktik – yes of course.

Sorry for making you wait 1.5 years for that “yes”.

If you need the icons again, I shall email them to you.

Very nice! Thank you!

And who ever made the Renoise logo in the first place is a genius.