I wanted to make a topic for this because i’m finding it hard to find GOOD podcasts… There’s a lot of crap out there.
So…please provide a list of your favourite podcasts, preferably the feed link, with a lickle description of what it is/what it does/it’s genre etc.

come on…at least give me one. :(
or does noone actually listen to podcasts…

Best one I’ve ever heard.

Don’t do Podcasts personally. Found this blog has some good techno on the kinda bleepy/squeltchy variety (not a huge techno fan so not sure how best to describe it.) Lots of mixes by Mark Hawkins and a few guest ones.


Got friends who often recommend Fun In The Murky as well. Blog that takes from many sites (including the above) and may find some half way decent podcasts through it?..


Cheers, i’ll check these out.
I don’t usually do them either, but i’ve just started to. Good way to explore genres and find new stuff.
There’s a world out there!

Just remembered Electronic Explorations, which always have a short guest mix by a producer or DJ/Live act. Personally I don’t much like the radio show style with all the talking but it’s quite varied and they do have good guests on there. I did start downloading and editing out the guest mixes at one point but gave up quite quickly…


I mostly listen to comedy Podcasts.
Jordan, Jesse, Go! (free/donation based)
Stop Podcasting Yourself (free/donation based)
Never Not Funny (subscription based- $20 for 26 episodes)
Doug Loves Movies (free)
Comedy Death Ray Radio (free)
You Look Nice Today (free)
WTF With Marc Maron (free)

Lowlight Mixes (quiet stuff)
Blentwell’s Blentcasts (hasn’t been updated in a while, sadly, but they have links to other mixes and podcasts)
Solid Steel (if you dig Ninjatune stuff; scroll to bottom for podcast)

ed dmx’s podcast is quite cool.