Poi Poi Poi - Mark Churcher featuring The Vitamin b12

Hello all
Well I’m posting here again! It must look like I’m showing off at this stage, but I like to share with you what I’ve worked on in the music world - and the renoise community has always been so supportive. God knows how long I’ve been a member here!!

I made a little music video for mark Churcher for his new album ‘A Nice Random Meet’.

I hope you like it.



Psychedelic sound and video.Nice work

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I liked it, a far jazzy mood with a strong blurry feeling, very arty. Your video and the music completely fit. I think this kind of video is nice played on a live stage session or for some art exhibition.

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Thank you both! It’s so funny, a lot of people have mentioned how well they fit together. I’ve had some amazing comments and Mark has asked me to do another one which is brilliant.