'point' Mode In Sample-envelope

Just an idea.
Having additional “Point” mode in the sample envelope would be great for creating more ‘tonal’ pitch envelopes, but currently only cubic and linear modes are supported, which will sound like a quick pitch slide…

Or just having a higher resolution for envelopes and being able to put 2 vertices basically on the same position in time… that would be more flexible too.


+1 Then the arpeggiation problem would be solved :)


+1 for more resolution



and a “snap to halfstep” option =))

Workaround; multiply your speed and BPM by the resolution increase you want.

It would be made easier… but you did figured out that can make arpeggio’s in the pitch envelope right?

again a great idea+1 from me

Well, I’d say kinda possible. IMO it doesn’t sound very good! The pitch will very clearly glide from note to note, and with slower speeds it will get gradually worse.

With point envelopes, we could make handcrafted glixxando envelopes.

Yeah that would be wicked!

It would make it easier to do a really tight volume dip to emulate sidechain compression on some samples…

…until sidechaining is implemented…

shouldnt this go in the “vote for features” in the backstage,as i think (and can see )theres alot that would have this,just an idea :D

Yes offcourse. But I always record/program my arpeggiations manually so that every note is “hardwired” in the sequence.