Pointing The Finger Vs. Pointing The Finger

No real thread, just something I noticed. Sinfest, to me, is the most underrated webcomic ever. Yeah I know it’s well known on the intarwebs, but why is this not in daily newspapers (instead of news articles even)… ? Seriously, some of this stuff even beats some songs I really cherish… and that’s quite ace for a cartoon if you ask me o_O Actually, I secretly believe it’s so fucking punk rock we haven’t even grown the receptory organs to realize it. Tatsuya for president NAO.

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I approve of this message!

interesting comix you got there… but still…


However, your comic is more subtle (in a good way of course)

I was just thinking of that… I was thinking of writing the maker of sinfest a thank you note because I’ve been reading it since 2000 and damn, it made me happy long, long time. Of course not every panel is super duper awesome every time, but it’s just something I came to trust and cherish in a way… sinfest may not always make go “whoa”, but it never puts me off, you know? I like many cartoons, and I enjoy cartoons (or stuff in general) with viewpoints I do not like (it’s healthy), but damn, sinfest, how does it do that.

It’s like a bit of food for your brain, a bit for your heart, a bit of tickle of the giggle belly… yeah, any really good cartoon does that and there are plenty, and plenty do each or even all of them better, or more of it… sinfest is like a little, creamy snack which doesn’t rot your teeth. And it’s such a steady trickle for over 10 years now, I really think this isn’t fair, the world owes sinfest attention and… MONEY! Really, I’d wish any amount of luck on that guy.

I don’t really wanna single sinfest out here, but but every few months I just realize how far this came, how much the drawing improved, how true to itself it has stayed and how it’s basically always grazing on the same few topics/characters and never gets old, he comes up with running jokes that rock sooo much, but never abuses or overdoes them (IMHO)… Obama the rock star giving hope, I ROFL’ed, “Dark Jesus”, my jaw dropped… all the stuff with Uncle Sam and his relationship with the statue of liberty… nahh, I didn’t cry but that was pretty good as well ^^

Ahh I gotta stop, because thinking of it just makes me glow with praise. I wish I could do something, anything in my life which has 10% of that style and creaminess.

Often cute and playful, but never superficial, and sometimes rather deep. It touches stuff with the hands South Park Jesus wouldn’t even touch with a set of pliers :lol: (not dissing South Park, it’s all Apples and Oranges to me)

One more because I mentioned it, then I stop I promise :lol:

Yeah, well…