PolarTimeCast - JailuSerin (Album 2023) (FORMERLY chemeleon, miss you guys)

PolarTimeCast - JailuSerin (BandCamp)

SoundCloud :

(Formerly Chemeleon btw.)

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Hey Renoise forum people. Would really enjoy some feedback on this album. I changed my moniKer since nobody was paying much attention. I’m proud of this one.

Just going through it now, it’s going to be hard to comment as it is very dense musically and needs dedicated listening. I really like the first three tracks so far, Blind Moth Kisses especially. You have every right to be proud of your work, it’s very clearly a labour of love. I’d love to get a copy for offline listening on my DAP with a good DAC and amp, is it up on Bandcamp?

Edit: never mind, found you on Bandcamp and bought a copy (sorry I can’t afford to pay much more than I did) and I will absolutely put aside some dedicated listening time tonight, I like what I previewed on Soundcloud a lot.

Thank you so much for your support my friend. The payment was of use to me being a starv8ng artist.

DAC listening’s a good idea. I guess my tracks are mastered more for dense sound systems with subs, or high quality headphones.

I may release a remaster / maybe update some tracks at 192khz in service of those who listen through these devices. Not sure if that will be a convoluted process in terms of distribution on BandCamp, since the only 192khz masters I’ve found there seem to send them as links to archives over email.

Wouldn’t be too hard to do that manually for me however, since I don’t get many listeners. Sometimes I feel people would rather listen to my blow offs, but that’s probably not true lol.

If you’ve got a dac capable of 192khz playback, maybe you could beta test and report on any perceived differences through your dac?

Yeah id give it a go, my DAC can do 32 bit/386 KHz and I’ve just taken delivery of some Planar Magnetic IEMs. I must say i have listened to your album a few times now and really enjoy it mate, I’m crap at remembering track names but if you’d like more detailed feedback on a track to track basis i would be able to. Keep up the good work.

Hey. Long time no reply.

I gave a 192khz master a go, but the quality difference wasn’t all that great (I have a decent DAC now myself). I can’t really re-record the stuff, as it’s recorded directly through Renoise live with mRecorder from the maudio bundle. (I don’t like rendering stuff). They’re 32 bit float wav’s, so I’m going to go with them instead as the ‘true’ mastered versions.

The quality is tons better than the re-encoded flacs on bandcamp (flac, I did not believe, doesn’t seem to support anything higher than 24 bit, so it’s a lossy re-encode)! There really is a huge difference, especially on the title track JailuSerin.

I’ll upload the masters somewhere (it’s around 1 gig altogether), maybe separately so it won’t take so long, then PM you a link.

(The tracks ‘Prosperity’ and ‘Patient’ are 48khz as opposed to the 44.1khz of the other tracks, as some of the post work was done in VirtualDJ and recorded live there. Not sure that’ll pose too much of a problem but it is a discrepancy).

Ah, I’ll just post it here. Uploading as I go.

PolarTimeCast _ JailuSerin (Original Masters)

Pass : 0xBADCAD

Also, feedback be good if you got any.

I know Prosperity is a muddy noisy mess, so it rarely makes the standard of ‘legible’, unless you listen all the way through, but am interested if that’s any good.

Made a Midjourney Zoom video for JailuSerin.