Poll: Are You A Native English Speaker?

Native: Polish
Secondary: English

I’ve also learned German, Japanese and Esperanto, but I can’t really speak any of them :(.

Me from Finland… No hablo! :w00t:

I am from Slovakia (former Czechoslovakia) so my native language is Slovak. But I speak english (as you can read) and also German and a little bit Hungarian (only few words and sentences) :rolleyes:

i spoke only german for the first nine years of my life, but i’ve been speaking mostly english since i moved to east coast usa. i guess i technically have 2 native toungues. :blink:

Oooo, double lick… :D

I’m living in the USA. I am also from Germany. My languages are English and German.
It may be false that Americans can only speak English. Very many speak Spanish as a second/first language.

Germany has WAY better party scene. (music, and DJs)

Tracking in the USA? I don’t know, Fast Tracker was known. Fruity Loops and Reason are very popular here now.


oh and… I think the best american renoise tracker I heard recently is Dark Halo. He posted a few songs on here.

Keith303, you are one of my favorite renoise trackers, even if you joked on americans! In reality america is very cultured and most people don’t support making war…ect