Poll: Are You A Native English Speaker?

So i’ve noticed that most of the people on these forums are european, and I just wanted to know how many are native english speakers, and how many speak another language as their primary. I’m from america and I have just noticed a little bit of broken english on these forums… not as bad as some places i’ve seen… but just little quirks. funny things really, just stuff that i know we would have phrased differently in america :rolleyes:

Please bear with us and our foul language :P As for me, I’m a proud Swenglish writer :)

There was a thread about this actually:
the nationality thread

French Canadian, assimilated Anglophone.

well, ummm. my native language is actually portuguese, i grew in brazil till i was 12.
then i moved with my parents to germany, and i live here since 87.
so i guess my “main” language is german, but i also speak broken spanish and a, what i think, (you decide :) ) somehow good english.
my best english teacher was my dvd player and the internet though, so… :)

i am native english speaking but my thoughts translate better with telepathy than they do with the english language.
and MAN do i wish i could telepath with the devs!

I’m Estonian… But i can also speak russian and english…

native? native!? I am not a native!

what the &($&"!?!

you’re a (&/"&$, %(/)&, “)/(”$%, %/(= ")=!!

Southern italian here :rolleyes:

Dutch here :D


I am one of those crazy germans. But as I lived in UK for one year, my spoken english is quite good. My written english is bad…

germany, ruhrpott.
didn’t really expect americans to be present here.
actually i didn’t really expect they’d be able to handle a tracker at all (j/k) ;)

omg no you didn’t!

you’re the one speaking my language… obviously my people are doing a better job of taking over the world than yours! :P

And thank god for that, the german grammar is hard! :P

Fluid norwegian from Norway here. Yep. Funny how most new people I meet figure I speak more fluidly in english than norwegian, as my dialect can be a bitch for some.

Oh, and I understand a little french!

yeah, but then again, we are smarter cause we can speak not only our native language but also other languages :P

except for italians :)

oh, wait… :huh:

we all speak the language of music… WHY CAN’T EVERYBODY JUST GET ALONG? :lol:

Fluent Australian speaker here. Can’t understand a word of English :blink:

I`m more into German - I suppose.

Fwwelljwinn dheuuryu mdjncbge pwkm klchjnta beowhn ciuwnshhan klaxoera.

No, I don’t agree, vvoois!

Native language: Persian
Since 16 years: German
And mentioning Englisch shouldn’t be that interesting since we’re talking/writing in English here all the time :)

Native: Swedish
Second: English
Third: German - not really practiced in a couple of years so I can basicly say “hello” and order beer, which to me is the most important phrases in any language :D