Poll: Note-off Keyboard Layout/shortcut Standard

Should the keyboard layout/shortcut standard for smart note off and regular note off be the 1.5 standard or the standard from 1.28 and earlier? This option can of course be changed, but what should the standard be? (Similar to the poll about play mode)

shiftlock = smart-note-off

1.28 and earlier
shiftlock = note-off (the regular-standard-behaving note-off)

To me, smart note off may have some “nice-looking” advantages, but it gets in the way of making note-off templates, and if I’m adding a note-off command somewhere that I wasn’t quite sure if there was a note-off earlier in the pattern in that column, I’ve just lost the original note-off placement. Accidentally losing a noteoff placement is sometimes as important as if I was to accidentally lose actual notes entered. What are other people’s feelings on this?

P.S. I’m sorry about the pointless angry way I brought this subject up previously.

couldn’t you use undo?

well, nayway I find the 1.5 method fine

I did not know this. It was never something that could be found in a search on the message board, so I never knew there were requests to make that the new standard. I’m sorry for bugging you all about this again. I was so rude in the way I brought it up before I’m surprised anyone even bothers to read my messages, which maybe most people don’t and I wouldn’t blame them. Please delete this thread if you wish.

If I didn’t know that there was a note off above or below the current position, I wouldn’t know I should have used undo, but you do make a good point. Nevertheless, I simply change the keyboard mappings and everythings hunky-dory.

Until I learned about it being a democratic decision, I thought it was an option that was simply something the programmers thought would be a good idea. I was so rude when I brought up the subject before that I never really asked the right questions–I just knew it was something they didn’t have any plans on changing.

Again, if any moderators feel this thread should be deleted, please do.