Poll: Tell Us Your Defaults!

I’m curious

12 LPB right now (with 96 LPP), but I don’t know, probably I go back to 8 LPB, turns out I don’t use triplets that often.

12 LPB
160 BPM
40 lines (but that goes all over the place all the time)

Triplets in 8 LPB

Yes, this method is ok for some occasional triplets. I think I overestimated how often I use them, that’s why I think I will go back to 8 or 16. ;)

LPB 8, Edit step 1

That is not triplets!

C-4 00

C-4 AA

C-4 55

C-4 00 (again)

That is triplets.

Suppose your are just giving yourself a bit of unintentional groove though ;)

perhaps this is why i make wonky


and i didn’t look closer, because i knew the note delay method. :blush: