poly rhythms / metrics

hi guys,

so i am not sure where to put this question - thought this might be the best place.

i want to do something along the lines of having a main pattern in, lets say, 16 lines. in there i would like to have a kickdrum going in 4/4 and then i would like to have something in maybe 5 or 3 or something else that doesn’t add up to 16.

i know that i can make a phrase that has another length, but i will always have to retrigger this phrase at some point - ie. a sort of reset.

so, it would be easy to generate a polyrhythm which is reset every 16/32/64/whatever lines, but i want to make one where i trigger it ONCE in the beginning and then it will just continue onwards and never need to be “reset”. i know that i would be able to do this with different pattern length and making it all add up at one point, but think that this is unreasonable difficult to do.

what i want to do in a more normal step sequencer terminology is just making two tracks with two different pattern lengths with no “master” length controlling or resetting the other patterns.

so, my question is, if this actually is possible in a way i haven’t thought of yet?

Phrases are definitely the key element here — aside from manually copy/pasting your polyrhythm throughout the entire song, that is :wink:

The trick is to use the Gxx glide command to expose some interesting playback behaviour.

Place your phrase note into the pattern with a GFF command beside it. The first time the note plays, the phrase will trigger from the beginning. When the pattern loops and plays the same note with the GFF command, the glide behaviour will cause the phrase to continue playing from its current position, rather than resetting back to the beginning.

And now a small demo, just for fun…
6280 dblue-2015-11-06-polyrhythm-example.xrns

And now a small demo

Excellent. The EQ sounds really tasty on my speakers :dribble:

aaaa HA!

nice, thank you. will try it out.

maybe this should be mentionedn in the wiki about phrases? good info :slight_smile: