Polyblit Vsti Tempo Sync Error

Hello there. Have a strange behavior here of polyblit synth. Make a new song with tempo 80, load there only polyblit VSTi, and load my program (attached module contains this stuff) to it. LFO1 sync = 1/16, BUT when play it uses 1/32 instead of 1/16. If i touch LFO1 sync and “change” it from 1/16 to 1/16 all fine. Make the same in Presonus Studio One host, and there all be fine. It’s polyblit errata? Or renoise? Thank a lot.

Perhaps parameter exchange moment is always triggered in Presonus regardless of the moment. I think Renoise probably doesn’t get a signal when it regards default plugin values.
If you would store your config with a song in Renoise and reload the song, everything should work as saved though because Renoise then actively loads a plugin and then loads them with the data that has been set for the plugin. Have you tested that?

It is Poly"I"blit, isn’t it?? :)

It seems that the problem occur in Renoise, Live lite and Mulab free too, Reaper can load the tempo sync setting correctly though.

Also I’ve tested about the LayzySnake’s tempo sync (it’s the vsti made by the same author) and it is loaded fine in all hosts. So, maybe the author can fix the problem, if he still has a motivation… though I doubt whether he is still active for implement it now. :unsure:

Well, at least you had better to report this problem to him.

Exactly! I save it with song of course. And after song loaded the same result is happen :( I found this error on this way, and then tested it as i wrote. Result the same - LFO sync does not work correct.

Yeah, polyIblit :) LayzySnake (good electro piano btw) works fine. I doubt too, coz latest update was in 2008. Anyway, this works fine in Studio One, and the synth self is very nice, and i wanna to get the right result in Renoise :)