Polyend tracker mini

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So apparently not an aprils fool :slight_smile:

Reveal tonight;

I wonder about the price, if it is <350,- I’m definitely interested, but am reading rumors about it being 600+ euro’s. If the specs & features are below that of the dirtywave M8 I’ll pass, but cool to see the tracker hardware renaissance isn’t over yet.


On Polyend’s website the pre-order price is listed as 699EUR :grimacing: which makes it more than the full-size version (+/-$768USD vs $699USD)

The portability certainly makes it alluring, though.

EDIT: read further down the page. Looks like a tweaked UI, stereo sampling, built-in microphone, and increased memory. In the box they have a few adapters for input/output/power and a 16GB SD card. Couldn’t find specifics on memory, etc. but also didn’t look too hard. Comes with a hard-case, too.

Pretty looking device, but pretty much looks like an M8 but slightly bigger lol
Though i understand there are people who will benefit from it, seems a little too steep of a price. But what do I know, i own neither haha
Just my 2¢ :stuck_out_tongue:

Hoowee that price sure isn’t mini, is it?

How nice of a windows tablet can you get for $699 :joy:

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Yeah it’s cool that these things exist for people who are hell bent on hardware stuff but there’s no way I’d pay that price. That costs more than my laptop, which out-specs it in every way and runs multiple trackers or DAW’s or games or whatever. Can’t even pull the old “analog vs. digital” argument with this stuff either.

Still, I’m happy to see trackers getting more visibility in this way.


Yep the price feels like it is 2 times what it should be imo, I’ll check out the second hand market here eventually. I’ve seen OG polyend trackers also going for around 350 - 400 euros which is a much fairer price for it imo.

On the competition, I wish the M8 would be much better available though, not through pre order and offer payment options like paypall. It still looks much more powerful though.

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I can definitely see people wanting to buy this to make music on their commute. But I agree that the price tag of 699EUR is rather steep. That said, I think Polyend has always been a premium brand. And they seem to get away with that so more power to them.

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mini rant; this whole selling gear on creating music on the go needs to stop imo, commercials of sole hipsters in a forest with headphones on recording breaking twigs, making beats, laying down on a beachbed near the ocean et cetera, some kind of freedom trying to be sold. Perhaps it is just my self-conscious ass, but outside of sitting in a train for a few hours, I’m not trying to get sand or bugs in XXX amount of euros gear making music, looking semi ridiculous. Even with a laptop it always felt like knitting note-events and hard to concentrate with all the stuff going around. Ideally I like to be creative in a save place, doors closed, no distractions, but that’s me. Certain people don’t mind :wink: ;

(Etiquette: Is It OK To Bring A Gigantic Computer Setup To Starbucks? | LAist)


dude you just need to walk down a beach wearing hiking boots with no shoelaces while banging out beats on a Yamaha SU10 like Björk

then you’ll get the whole mobile workstation thing and be in a zen minimalist nirvana


Ah the Yamaha SU10! That was my first sampler. Got it in 1996 :slight_smile: Don’t think I ever took it to the beach tho… Definitely the woods.
Wrote a bunch of songs with that and a Yamaha SY85 as my first synth/electronic setup

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I had hopes for the Mini at first, thinking the price might come in below the Polyend Tracker and the Dirtywave M8… nope :rofl:

Oh well. Back to the laptop…


I hate to sound like low-budget-joe over here but when something is the same cost as my laptop + Renoise I have a really hard time wanting to switch over to something else that can’t be used for a wide range of purposes in exchange for… portability? Technically I have that, too, but I usually just stay plugged in, indoors.

I see the appeal for a certain type of person, and I know limits can breed creativity, but I could personally never afford to spend that much on something that doesn’t also do a million other things. Maybe I’ll own one of these bad boys in my next life :slight_smile:

The UX seems pretty slick, and I can’t wait to binge-watch YT videos of people using it. That usually cures my GAS


I probably would’ve instabought it at $200 cheaper


Indeed, would make it more bearable :slight_smile: . Second hand market in a few years and these will go for around 350-400 I think, which is still a lot of money. I’m waiting for an in depth review to see if the added cpu power compared to the original and new (1.7) firmware will take care of some of the problems of the original. I also wonder if the removal of the big wheel and replacement with buttons impacts the workflow in a negative way.

The idea of portable tracking has had me looking at my hacked gaming devices, installing homebrew music software like LittleGPTracker (https://littlegptracker.com/) on the PSP;

and pspseq (pspseq - YouTube),

Also Psytexx (WarmPlace.ru. PsyTexx v1.8) for the old palm tungsten devices has opened a rabbit hole looking for obsolete software making methods :slight_smile: ;

Probably will never finish a track on those, but curious on the workflow and what sounds can be made with them.