Polyend Tracker : Renoise CAN open tracks made in the hardware!

You know what I’ve always been missing in renoise : a good hardware solution
You know why I will not buy Polyend tracker ? It’s too limited… and I already got Renoise.

But, if, somehow, you two companies could hookup… now we have a match made in heaven.

Ideally if Polyend tracker could control Renoise, that’d be fantastic, but I think I’d be more realistic to ask for export capabities : drafting a track on the hardware, then finishing it up on Renoise.

If we are enough to politely ask… I’ve already shot a message at polyend

They’ve just replied:

“Hi, Renoise should be able to open up the files saved and exported by the Polyend Tracker without any issues. Best,”

I might wanna buy this thing now.


Doesn’t Polyend have an FM synthesis algorithm? If so, how would that get transferred? Is it only note data or is there some kind of magical something hidden deep in the bowels of Renoise that we could use for FM?

I think I’ve read somewhere that polyend can save files as .mods & as Renoise can open .mods, succes may be had :slight_smile: . Not sure how polyend specific instruments are translated in these .mods though, perhaps just the basics as samples. But that could be enough to pimp ideas further in Renoise.

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Thats interesting!! The Polyend doesn’t have any FM synth, it’s an FM radio. There’s a few good reviews on YouTube, check them out!

Oh, good to know! I made a mistake then - I saw FM and didn’t read it well enough. Thank you for clarifying that.

@danoise do you plan on getting in touch with polyend for a tighter integration ?

This would be such a great opportunity for Renoise…one nobody would have imagined to happen

nice demonstration

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