Polyend Tracker



I’ve got my eye on this.

looks slick. What is it? what does it have beneath the covers?


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is that renoise???
i was having lately thoughts on some box with embedded renoise

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This has got the granular stuff I’ve been begging for, that’s for sure! No, I do not want to use a VST or AU for that sort of work. Renoise sounds great on its own.

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What’s the price gonna be anyone knows

sorry, could probably search on the official site, but from the teasers it is not clear if this is a fancy midi controller, controlling external gear or if it is like a self-contained groovebox/sampler/synth thing. I would be interested in the latter.

Not sure but speak about 1000€

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I guess its both.
Though i’d stick with my Octatrack and Renoise for now.

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$599, from leaked docs:

Polyend_Tracker_Press_Release_18_March_20.pdf (2.4 MB)


I was expecting far more but in this price i would consider it

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It’s single grain only , so no grain clouds etc .

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The price looks good, though waiting on in depth loopop review to see if I it is worth it.

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same but the demos sound really good :sweat_smile: