Polyend tracker

Does anyone has experience in integrating renoise with polyend tracker?
In your opinion, what is the best controller for Renoise (meaning keeping your mouse away!)

if you just want to control renoise you don’ need a polyend cause it’s redundant, i have a bcf 2000 which fits my use and there is tons of different midi controllers wich could be convenient for you,know if you want to be limited(not so badly))the polyend is a great machine i had it in the past nothing bad thing to say about it

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I enjoy using the Akai MidiMix along with the Renoise tool called MUC.

Agree with this 100%.

You could bounce your polyend stems from finished songs to wav and continue working in renoise for moar dsp power. Have done this in the past, but atm mostly use the polyends flll option to generate interesting rhythms and record straight into renoise sample editor. A lill expensive to just use as soundsource, but to fluent to do stuff quickly in renoise to substitute it with the polyend.

There is this thread

But to add already something, i am big big big fan of launchpad’s, especially latests one’s (launchpad x, launchpad pro mk3). You get velocity capable and very sensitive pads that are very playable and pleasure to work with and play like it would be keyboard not pads really.