Polygon Ring - Songs From The Season Labs

I’m happy to share with you my latest album “Songs from the Season Labs” that got released on Kahvi Collective several days ago. It contains various moments and impressions in audio form that I’ve carefully collected and catalogued from 2004 till now.

I didn’t know about Renoise till 2008 so naturally parts of it were created using other tools, mostly ModPlug. However, Renoise was the weapon of choice for the later tracks, so I thought I’d drop the news here.

Speaking of style… Well, it spans a few, all in the electronic domain. It ranges from tender and hazy interludes, through wavering instrumental hip-hop pieces, to lengthy messed up glitch affairs. I hope you are hooked by this point. :)

You can get it from Kahvi Collective or stream it on SoundCloud.

I hope you will enjoy this hour-long Kahvi cup. Refills are free. ;)

woah - looks good, sounds great :walkman:

will have to check this out in detail!
thanks for sharing

Excellent! :walkman:

Man, am I glad I hang out on this forum?? Otherwise I wouldn’t have discovered new great music like this.

Thanks for the kind words, guys! I appreciate it.

My album just got reviewed at BrainChops. The article also features a small interview with me. The first one I’ve done since quite a while. I must admit it was a rather enjoyable experience. :)

yup, have heard this a few times now, and i gotta say, this surely is a great album. very well done!
enjoying it at work right now, and it won’t be the last time. I really appreciate the depth, diversity and different atmospheres going on here…
relaxing, interesting, and simply PLEASANT for the mind.

awesome! :)

very cool stuff! sounds well produced i love this kind of music :)

Nice album, congratulations!

Excellent stuff! ‘Clouds’ sounds amazing, can you explain anything about how you got that beat to sound the way it does?

Great album cover too.

Very nice album!

Thank you all for taking the time to have a listen! I’m really glad you enjoy it.

@Sylo: The beat in “Clouds and Other Contraptions” comes mostly from Reaktor, using a couple of library ensembles and loads of manual tweaking.