Polyphonic cycle overlap option

why not add a polyphonic cycle overlap option in keyzones, I mean this:
if I have an instrument with 4 samples, and select cycle in overlap, if I play a chord of three notes, three different samples are played in the same time!!!
instead I want that only 1 sample at time is played (polyphonically), if I retrig the chord, the second sample play (same sample for all the notes in the chord)…


This is for making korg wavestation like sounds, and more!!!

nobody interested in that???

Do you mean like cycling through a wavetable?

Maybe! I know what you can do with korg wavestation:
you can program a list of different sample that can be played in sequence polyphonically:
chord1 c3+e3+g3 played by sample1 (and not by sample1+ sample2+ sample3)
chord2 f3+a3+c4 played by sample2 (and not by sample4+ sample5+ sample6)

now i try to make an example song

this is an example of what I mean!

You can achieve something like that with LFOs and a dedicated modulation set for each waveform. Dependend on how you setup (or trigger) the LFOs, you can bind the cycling to a macro knob and morph or switch between the setup waveforms.

Don’t you think it is a bit laborious?
I only ask an option more! Cycle chord!!

Yes, of course that’d be laborious. My suggestion wasn’t thought as a contra to the requested feature, just a hint that it’s already possible to achieve. A dedicated feature of course would make things way easier. ;)

I’m really curious about this solution!