Polyphonic Ringtones

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I really got mad about this…kinda jallous.
I mean some of us had to die till they could compose music on 4 channels using the paula chip. Then we finally had 32 channels to compose music with and all this was a ‘very undergroundish’ tracker scene.
Now a little cell phone is playing polyphonic ringtones with up to 40 voices.
Having voice samples, this and that… I’m like ‘aaaah!’
what about us now that every teenager can play its favourite chart songs on a silly cell phone?
Anyways, I’m not really becoming an enemy of it all…probably the culture but not the technology. I’ve been wondering if there is a tracker to make polyphonic ringtones for cell phones. Didn’t find any. I didn’t even find any other kind of sequencer for composing.
Does anyone know any? I know that there has been a talk about a tracker for palms and there is a palmtracker and some dude mentioned that Renoise could probably support this. Well…it’s just an off-topic-thought but I think it’d be great if we could compose polyphonic ringtones with Renoise somewhen… Just guess how many people (puberty-cell-phone-owners) would get to know Renoise then :)

However most of all I want to know if there is any pc-software to compose those ringtones with.


There is a program called ‘MidiTracker’ out there.
It’s a tracker based midi sequencer.


These polyphonic ringtones is a huge dissapointment.

Why not make a 4 channel tracker with a real synth (not just a crappy GM bank like the SonyEricsson uses).

I’d like something that sounds like ahx.

MidiTracker sucks really … it’s 3 or 4 years old … and the development seems to be stoped …

Well its not a complicated product, but has a better arranger than Renoise…