Polyphony troubles

Greetings! ran into a problem. if I want to create a synthesizer with limited polyphony from meta-devices. unfortunately it is part of the music that cannot work in parallel. Maybe someone knows how to solve this problem?


NOTPoly.xrns (7.5 KB)

I think you need to set each sample/voice in it’s own independent keyzone. “drum kit” works well for this. I see you also have your overlap set to cycle. Probably should be play all.Then set each keytracker to receive only from an individual sample/voice instead of “any”. should do the trick… You may also need to create a dsp chain for each note you want to have sound. I’ll fuck around with this some more later this weekend and see if I can come up with a functional polyphonic ring synth. Hope this helps

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here’s an easy way to do it using the AM sine filter instead. Gives polyphony, but not so much sound shaping potential.polyphonic ring synth 1.xrni (2.3 KB)

do you know about using the AM filters with windowed waveforms? You can get some really interesting sounds that way. It’s simple, too.

for windowed sync, set your filter to any of the AM filters, 100% wet, keytrack (or otherwise modulate) the note value, draw your waveform shape. The shape of the waveform will act as a short-cycle amplitude modulator. Some very interesting textures and sounds can emerge experimenting with this method. I’ll post a couple examples soon

here’s onewindow sync example.xrni (4.8 KB)
and another:window 2.xrni (3.0 KB)

polyphonic, interesting sound potential, simple to make

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Good idea! Big thnx!

by the way, for more complex modulation, you can add phase distortion here.

PD_RHODES_001.xrni (3.7 KB)

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You’re using the ringmods the wrong way , unless you want to create a monophonic instrument
Ringmod in the instr.effects section is monophonic , as with all effects
You need to use the Ringmod effect in the instrument section , which is poly by nature

Can you provide some more detailed explanations? I don’t quite understand.


It’s how polyphony works
It’s per voice , and this in not only in renoise but in every synth in existence , be it soft or hard , dsp based or analog based
Have you ever wonderered how filter keyboard tracking works in a polyphonic synth ?
It enables mulitple filters ( or filter boards if analog ) per VOICE , so if you play a minor open voiced chord spread over three octaves , you are enablng 3 filters , 1 filter per note-voice .
In a dsp based sustem it’s the exact same principle
The effects in the instruments effects lane or mixer works on summed voices , iow it’s monophonic .
If you place a filter ( or any other dsp effects ) in an effects lane it WORKS on all voices COMBINED coming from the instrument section
Renoise has the option to route voices to different effect lanes , but the processing is still done on summed voices coming into that lane .
Please read on up on the basics of synthesis and voice handling , you will then be able to apply your knowledge on everything else

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The main problem is that you forgot to change the Input of the key trackers to each their own sample, because if you have it set to ‘Any’ it will change all the key trackers at once, while what you want is that each key tracker is set to each their own sample.
This being said though, will not work properly because the overlap feature ‘cycle’ is very buggy and unpredictable. You would think it worked in a way that every time you hit a key it will cycle to the next sample and it usually does this, but then when you press two or more keys at once it doesn’t seem to know which one to key track and which one to play.

The better way would be as zensphere says (didn’t check out his examples) to use the AM filters in the modulation, it should give you the same result, but with one sample, less cpu intensive and a lot more polyphonic voices.

Yes, you are absolutely right, it does not always work correctly. I also noticed that in the renoise there are certain oddities in the work of the ADSR. For such experiments, it often gives out various artifacts and clicks. It would be great if the @taktik would take the time to correct these points.

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