Poor overall dsp performance in Renoise with macOS 10.12++

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I now have converted a complete Renoise 3.1.1 project to Bitwig 2.5, using the same amount of FX (maybe even a bit more demanding), same synths and so on. Now it turns out that the audio overall performance in Renoise seems to be much worse than in Bitwig. I also realized this kind of performance loss after upgrading from macOS 10.9 already. Surely it also is related to the GUI, scaled to 4K by CPU here (often using one whole i7 core constantly). The same project in Renoise and 40ms latency easily will start to stutter at a lot of parts, while it plays almost constantly stutter free in Bitwig at 5.3ms latency (!!!). Also the Bitwig GUI is not yet known as being super performant. But this is really a very huge difference. JFYI, I don’t want to bash Renoise here, but instead show up some problems and looking forward to a bugfix release.
Also I often thought about some general denormalization techniques? It seems that some plugins will behave worse in Renoise than in Bitwig. For example, what about an option to add very, very quiet constant noise to a track, or as option for a plugin, so denormals can’t happen?
Since you are working on a new GUI, I don’t post any issues related to the current GUI, only it seems to slow down a lot of VST GUIs, which always will be displayed with fast 60fps in Bitwig.

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I am also very ok with it, if you delete this thread after you read it :slight_smile: