Poor Performance On Macbook Pro C2D With Snow Leopard

Hi guys. So I upgraded a few months ago from an iMac G5 to a 13 inch unibody MBP running Snow Leopard. My beloved Renoise, which saw so much use on my iMac, is now a major PITA on the new system. While songs now load in a fraction of the time it took before, and while there’s excellent performance with my Alesis Firewire mixer (I don’t have to mess with track delay settings anymore to keep my analog synths in time, even while running multiple line-ins!) there’s a seriously annoying tendency for Renoise to stutter or kind of lock up and ignore my keypresses. This happens either when recording from the QWERTY keys or using a USB controller. I’ll cue up a pattern, hit record, play a lead or whatever and instead of registering my notes the interface freezes up for a second or two (complete with beachball of doom, music still playing correctly just minus the new input) and then it jumps back to where it should be and spits out a jumble of notes, all in the wrong spot. This happens regardless of whether I’m running off the power supply or battery. Also regardless of complexity–from tons of line-ins and vstis to just a simple chiptune. Any ideas?

Open the Console (it’s an app under Utilities).

Click “All Messages” in the left column.

Start Renoise.

Go back to Console, click “Clear Display”

Go back to Renoise, reproduce the problem.

Go back to Console, paste the results in here.


See the specs in my sig, I have similar specs and have no problems with Renoise. Been with OSX since my first G4…