Poor Taktik

I kinda like im gonna have to sort of stand on a stool and clap my hands twice to get attention lol.

i just feel we should show a bit more love, i mean, poor renoise dev’s, done our dream for us (almighty renoise 2) and i’d hate to be them - to work your ass off and then open up the beta area of this board and everyone is bitching and moaning, i just have a tiny bit more heart then your average renoiser. taktic is too much of a nice guy to stamp his feet and have an outburst at us and shout somthing like “WELL, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT! YOU DO IT!!!..”

so that’s all this is about, . over and out, so much love for the renoise-devs. <3 <3 <3

complaining can be constructive though. i don’t think any decent renoise user doesn’t appreciate the immense amount of work that’s made renoise such a great program. many complaints may come off as bitching, but functionally they’re just more input.

Don’t worry, us oldies mediate the ideas a bit, and flaring passions are merely fleeting.

Don’t forget that taktik does it because at the end of the day he loves it still. And don’t discount the amount of work this community does in making it all happen. No party happens without the people ;)

Moaners usually get sorted quickly…

I should point out that Taktik isn’t the only one bringing us Renoise ;)

Yeah, big up to whoever hosts the site!

Hey its not that bad. I contrary: Its a pleasure to start the beta after all the hidden/secret work - I hope the others who where/are involved (namely the alpha testers - while testers is not really a good description) see it the same way. And all the feedback we got so far is just lovely, so don’t worry ;)

The usual “Hey, this doesnt work as it used to be - bring it back” is something I already got used to. Its always like this in the beginning of new betas. Such things just need time. In a few weeks (nearly) no one will moan anymore. Things change - thats something you are confronted with all the time - and thats a great thing in life…
Also thats what the beta is about: Fixing remaining bugs and finetuning features. So if someone moans thats often just a sign that we didn’t found the perfect solution for a problem (yet). We need your help to make things perfect.

Second that!

I’m glad the dev team thinks about it this way :D
When 2.0 came out and all the new bug and question topics popped up, I was also thinking
give the guys a break man! :P

Seems you never have seen bug report forums on other (especially music sequencer) software sites. Ours is really really relaxing compared to those…

I cherish Taktik and Renoise team. :)

I adore taktik and the renoise team! And I’m not complaining! Just doing my part to make sure that renoise can be as solid as possible! I used to test video games for midway, and it was a shitty job, but i know how important it can be to get a piece of software to ship with the fewest amount of bugs possible.

This release is incredibly awesome!

I haven’t been to too many bug report forums (Thank goodness) but the few I came across to was like a union rally that had an air of impending doom to it. The forums here is like having a really nice cup of coffee or tea in the fall season.

That’s right, this is the first update since I’ve been active on the renoise forum.

Renoise is a love child!

Well in general i have never seen a forum where they don’t complain. Not that it is any good sometimes but its just part of it, just as the good things are :)

And we can take it , because the Renoise community is friendly and strong :D

thats right. never got into a more solid community like this one… not that I think we re any kind of mature :P
anyway, I have alot luv for taktik! :wub:

edit typo meh

the only thing i question during these busy fixing times,
does he see the renoise code in his dreams?

I already have it while i’m stuck in a song.

we all know you take it to your subconscious when doing it to long.
like playing tetris 8 hours strait before going to bed.

I have that sometimes when i tracked for too long. I dream about the patterns flying by :huh:

Last documentary I saw on humans included brain functions. When we shut down to sleep, its like partitioning our brains, throwing out garbage information and better organizing long-term information. There was more to it than that like our ancestors and current survival mechanisms. Also, there are speculated methods such as lucid dreaming, for those who wish to work when they’re sleeping or do other things. And don’t get me started on sleep walking, that shit is fucked up, having experienced it myself. On the other side of the spectrum, people like Randy Gardner and Tony Wright rebel against sleep and the latter has actually written a book (“Left In The Dark”) regarding sleep functions. If I’m not mistaken, I think he’s in the same town (Cornwall) as Richard D. James, he looks like him too with the long hair.

Though in the end, its healthy to have a bit of suspicion of any information. What works for them may not work for you or worse, destroy a part of you.

One reason for this nice forum could be the age and the education of all members.

Since this is a tool for almost professionals/oldskool trackers, who are using tracker based sequencers
more or less then ages + you need a bit of skill and knowledge, i doubt / hope this nice attitude never ever
gonna stop here.

I’ve seen forums, where 5 out of 10 topics were closed cause of Spam, and the average age of it was about 14+.

Personally i didnt saw topics like: Zomg, i just shaved my hairy ass, discuss ! here anywhere in this forum.

I see sleeping as a sort of “Crap Cleaner / Defragmentation” process lol…