Pop arrangement


I am still here and still using renoise. Even if I am not on the forums a lot… I am sorry. Maybe I can participate more again. Here is my latest pop arrangement; no soundcloud because I’m working on a project with somebody, and I don’t want this flying all over the web. You can dl the mp3 from the link below

All renoise. A couple of VST synths.



Looks like you are in a very early stage with this song and man how i hate the mp3 sound,not your song the mp3 in general.Better rendering to wav if you ask me

Hi thank you for the comment. I appreciate it.

I am using mp3 as I don’t want my waves or flacc sampled by anyone. I am not specifically talking about Renoisers… but anybody can sample a wave…

Also, it is pop - simple as candy…

All the extra space is reserved for vocals. I’m currently trying to put together something with someone - he’s a young vocalist. If/when i have more, i will share

Kind regards

Edit = forgot to say: “it is all renoise, but in the end rewired into cubase. Mix rendered at 32bit float, dithered to 16. The 16 bit was converted to 192mp3.”

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