Yes. Parsec is not disappeared.
He’s just fighting with the machine.
Now the battle is over (but I know the war goes on)
Huge losses on both part.
5 hd were electrocuted to death destroying the whole archive of anything has been ever made by me… on the other side were lost about half of those few mental sanity points I had left.

The material remnants of the battle are resting in my socks drawer, arranged in a pink-floydish fashion.
I’ve done my best to roam the house with vacuum eyes while babbling some meaningless sound… for almost two days.

Any activity performed by the subject was obviously suspended… up to these days when the system decided to perform stable enough.
A short rodage is being actually performed.

If my calculations are correct, there should be a precise geometric interval between the waves of techno-clastic unluck… during this phase we can probably go back to our usual music business and conversations :lol:

I can hear the words “bbbaaaaacckkuuuuuuuppp” whispering its evil besserwisser-notions in the back of my head…

Lost 20 poems like this. No biggie I s’pose, but still!! Heartbreaking to loose creations like that!!

My feelings for your sanity! :ph34r: :huh: :o