Pops and Clicks in the sampler

I’ve been noticing some really loud pops and clicks in some of my Renoise instruments that I can’t seem to tame with volume envelopes, the “fade-in” button in the sample options, or manually creating a fade-in in the sample editor. These clicks appear both in live playback and in rendered tracks.

My playback settings are fine. Plugin instruments sound fine. The pops only seem to happen at the start of a note, and are more apparent at lower pitches.

Here’s an example song. I’ve rendered part of the song to the second instrument where you can clearly hear the popping.

pops test2.xrns (198.9 KB)

I have not open your file

But lot of probabilities that your samples are not “zero-crossed” at their start

or you can make a little ‘fade-in’

Same principles for the end of your samples (Zero-crossed or fade-out)

You didn’t even read the first paragraph in my post.


Have you good audio driver settings?

Opened the file…strange problem


The first waveform seems to have a problem with it,although it looks fine,it is clicking,swap it out for a different one

all three waveforms are fine on their own, only the combination of all three playing together causes the pops.
i’d simply remove “new sample 02” from the trio, as it is inaudible anyway.

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I’m using a macro to blend between the two single-cycle waveforms. While I’m not using any automation in the example song, it is used in the project I’m working on.

I may be able to change how I do this though. Currently I have each sample going to a separate effects chain, and that might be part of the problem.

I’ve deleted some stuff so there’s just one sample, one modulation lane, and no FX chain. Kept the slow attack and release. Still get the popping.

I did notice I get less popping if I make the release on the volume ADSR shorter. That makes me suspect that the problem is caused by notes getting cut off abruptly before they’ve completely faded out. I have the NNA on each sample set to Note Off. Does the sampler have a limit on polyphony that I don’t know about?

EDIT: I found something!

So apparently the limit is 12 voices per note column. I’ve just experimented with spreading the notes out into 4 columns, and that does seem to solve the issue.


confirm. When working with the sampler, I often encounter the problem of clicks. As I understand it, this is a feature of the engine itself, which is not designed for such work as a synthesizer. in general, in the current scenario where renoise has become increasingly used for sound synthesis, these nuances make sense in revision and refinement. because part of it is used as errors in games, which is also cool.