Populating automation on sequence deletion w/ autom. following opt

Hi there,

let’s say you are automating a gain device on a track for a fadein of that track. Later you want to delete all parts/sequence prior to this fadein, and including the fadein part. And you have automation following enabled.

After deletion, your track now will be quiet, caused by a silencing gainer device without automation.

Wouldn’t it be more logical to populate the automation values like it would have been before seq- deletion exactly at the point after the selection? So the gainer device was left at 0dB instead after deletion?

I often find this kind of annoying, if you delete starting parts in a song, automation can be messed up a bit. And this could be fixed.

I think there should be even an automation value placed straight after deletion area, with the same value like it would have been before deletion. Except there was another point before, but this is not the case, if you delete everything beginning from start.

Here the above as a visualization:

If you have this automation using 3 patterns, the middle pattern a transition

and now delete the middle pattern, you will get this

but you should get this instead