Portability of Renoise and Google Drive

Ok so I’ve been getting into tracker music and chip music recently, and my interest has only escalated, and so I’ve been considering purchasing Renoise. Before I ask my question let me explain how thus far the manner in which I have been enjoying tracker music creation:

Google Drive gives you 5 gigs of free storage, thus I have done this:


All my trackers on Google Drive, accessible from any computer I use, automatically syncing changes I make to songs I create. This is unbelievably convenient. And since module files are so small I haven’t even come close to hitting my storage limit. I think last time I checked I was about 10% there. If it really comes to it I’ll buy more space, it’s pretty cheap actually.

So my question is, would this work for Renoise, or would the licensing method disallow this, or would it just be frowned upon? Or would I have to settle for just syncing my modules folder to Drive? On a related note, how large is the full install size of Renoise?

I basically do this same thing to sync my VSTi plugins, my XRNS files, and some samples between my desktop and laptop (using SugarSync instead of Drive, but cloud storage is cloud storage). Works really well.

As far as Renoise itself goes, you’re allowed to install it on as many computers as you want for you own use, so I don’t see why throwing it in your Drive would be an issue.

And by my (possibly off) guesstimation the default Renoise install size is about 110 MB with all the stock samples and stuff. So it should fit in there just fine.

Sweet thanks. Now to acquire 80 american dollars.

One more quick question, it appears that unlike traditional trackers, Renoise seems to support real audio instruments? One of the demo songs in the demo has vocals. Is this just a big sample import or could I, for example, literally plug in my guitar and record a track straight into Renoise?

It’s a big sample :) But yes Renoise sports a Line-In device as well as a Recorder for samples.

Well I guess in a technical sense, recording something in a traditional DAW is basically like recording a big sample. I was planning on getting Cubase Elements but this might suit my purposes more. Also 20 bucks cheaper.

It will work if you not plan to use VST plugins. However all properties and preferences are written locally on the platform its user space, so these settings will not automatically come along which means you would need to sync your settings with google drive by using a batch file that is downloading the Renoise preferences folder structure to your local userspace before Renoise gets started.

Regarding license issues:
You will risk that your license gets revoked once someone manages to be capable of reaching your google drive, snatches the executable from it and then distributes it in p2p networks.
It is highly advised to avoid putting Renoise on USB sticks or upload it to cloud services that are insecure. Don’t download registered copies of Renoise to folders that are also part of your p2p sharing network.
See http://forum.renoise…g-your-license/ for more info.

Thanks for the information. My google drive account is definitely secure. I have it set to when I log in it sends a code as a text message to my phone, and even with the password noone can log in without inputting that code from the text message, which will change and generate a new one next log in.

hey, how do you set this up? any links to resources?

i’ve been googling but haven’t found any thing on it. also, don’t you get latency problems? (:

I think you would be more secure installing Renoise locally ( Program File/Renoise ). Also, “down the road,” you will see that serious music producing will create serious amounts of data. 5 gigabytes will not last you very long… I’ve got 4 cloud services icons on my taskbar and one more running in the background, and one more as a, “just in case I need it.”

But cloud services I think are only good for, “files.”

Its very important for the music software to be installed where, “they know how to interact with eachother.” Also for security of your license… Etc, etc…

I just wanted to edit my post, to give a little more insight into, “why I posted what I posted.” If you start to master your projects, and do a lot of sampling, you will run out of space in a flash…

This is just one of my synced file folders… And I worry sometimes about the encryption of file folders… So I would not sync any program folders, or places where licenses are held.

Its just a different perspective I guess…

No latency at all. It still saves everything to your harddrive, it just automatically detects changes and syncs it. You need a gmail account, then just click Drive at the top while logged in, there will be an option to download google drive. On computers where you cannot download google drive you can still manually download individual files and sync them back. Otherwise on computers you have google drive installed it will just automatically sync all your changes.

I haven’t as of yet chosen to put my entire renoise on google drive, but I do have a renoise folder on there that I’m saving the module files, samples, and instruments to.