Portable recorders

Hi all,

i’m looking to buy some good-quality portable recorder for pairing it with renoise
recording ambient noises, recording instruments, everyday sounds that i could eventually turn into instruments, and alike creative paths.

I was looking at tascam dr40/dr05 at the moment

Any recommendation, from owners?

I have a Roland R-26. I love it. Great sound quality. Interface is easily accessible. Just got a pair of Roland CS-10EM Binaural earbud monitor/mics. Haven’t gotten to play with them much, but sound quality is superb and defintiely going to be good for ambient recordings and such. The R-26 doubles as an audio interface and works under linux.

I would defintiely recommend it. I have no experience with the Tascam, so I have nothing to say about it.

Edit: Battery life is solid. Just uses 4 AA batteries, which is pretty handy.

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Problem wirh the zoom is that the batteries go empty quickly (within some weeks) even if it is off. That’s why I always take them out.

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I have a DR40, I can definitely recommend it. Does what it should and it’s pretty durable, I’ve dropped mine a few times and it still works great.

If I had to go back though I’d get the DR05 just 'cause it’s cheaper but does all the stuff I use my 40 for.

Make sure you pick up a windscreen if you’re gonna be recording outdoors.

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i have the dr 40 and it’s a cool recorder

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battery is longtime quality of recording is enouggh

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Thank you guys!

you’re welcome